CITY MILK has set a high standard for the preparation of our products.Our research and development team has taken their time to discover, taste, test, and further refine our drinks before selling them to our consumers. As a result, we are able to give our consumers a drink that is unprecedented in terms of taste and also mouthfeel. We are so proud that many who has claim to not like papaya has a change of heart after tasting our Signature Papaya Milk drink. Not only that, CITY MILK also offers a range of Blended Fruit Drinks that is distinctly different from the traditional fruit juice with our own unique taste.


The current market is flooded with pearl milk tea, hand-shaken teas, cafes, and they are highly competitive. CITY MILK is unique as such that our base of papaya milk and fresh fruit is exclusive formulated by our professional team of Research & Development. Our fresh fruit milk provides customers with the daily nutrients and vitamins that the human body needs in a form of delicious papaya milk drink that others do not do.


All our raw materials are certified by SGS, a world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. CITY MILK had not been affected by recent incidents such as toxic chemicals and pesticides residues that were found in the milk powder and food starches as well as other food safety issues. In fact, this only resulted in the tremendous growth in our sales. Apart from our compliance to strict quality control, focus on fresh, natural healthy, self-cultivated materials, the consistency of our product quality is the key factor of success. Our adherence to high quality standards has provided our customers with a healthy and delicious drink.


Without a strong support, the chances of being successful in the business world is low. We provide you ongoing support with product development, business management and also day to day needs. We are your best business partner in your pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Interested To Apply?

Our process are summarized into 7 simple steps. Please fill in the application form and submit to us.

Step 1: Application Form
Tell us a little bit about yourself, together with your contact number so we could get in touch with you.
Step 2: Schedule An Appointment
We will then arrange for an appointment to discuss and answer any questions that you may have. This will also include a market and location review.
Step 3: Letter Of Intent
You will provided us with Letter of Intent, whereby you express your interest to join our Licensing Program formally.
Step 4: License Agreement
Our legal department will prepare the License Agreement to be sign by both parties.
Step 5: Training Assessment
We will train you and your staff in all aspects required to run your business successfully.
Step 6: Setting Up Outlet
Your outlet will be designed and built according to the specifications.
Step 7: Ready To Operate
You’re now ready to serve our Papaya Milk Tea to waiting customers.