Our Brand Profile

"CITY MILK" is a professional in the fruit-milk beverage industry. Our drink is based upon papaya milk, combined with fresh fruit and our exclusive formula. We started back in 1988 in Fenglia market and have since reposition our brand and business model since then. With more than 10 years accumulated experience, we have lay a strong foundation.

Our founder, is always thinking forward and sourcing for solutions to impending problems. He also ensures that there is consistency in the product quality. He had invested plenty of his resources into rebranding and innovation in order to build CITYMILK the, brand that it is today and at the same time to alter the impression that most people have about traditional fruit juice stall.

In the recent years, there is a rise in consumers’ demand for natural, healthy and safe food products. CITYMILK promise is to deliver delicious, high-quality, healthy fruit based drink to our customers.